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Reiki Treatments

Your initial consultation and treatment, lasting 1 and a half hours, will be charged at $120. Subsequent treatments are $90 for a one hour session. 


Why should I have a Reiki treatment?


Reiki is a healing and harmonising energy that works holistically, to heal a range of physical, mental and emotional issues


For some people it is a lifestyle choice and regular treatments form part of their self-care routine for good health and sustained well-being. For others, they seek Reiki in response to aliments, and issues that have already arisen due to imbalances in the body.


Reiki treatments complement conventional medicine by helping to restore balance to the body, enabling it to heal itself.

What to expect during a Reiki treatment?


During  a session clients will lie fully clothed on a treatment table, with their eyes closed to encourage a deeper level of relaxation. In some cases, it is more appropriate for the recipient to be in a seated position, such as during later stages of pregnancy. This will be discussed at the consultation stage to ensure maximum comfort.


After initiating the flow of Reiki, I act as a conduit allowing the energy to flow from my hands into the client through a series of specific hand positions. As an experienced Reiki practitioner, I rely on my intuition, allowing myself to be guided by the Reiki.


What Might I Feel?


The flow of Reiki can be experienced as mild tingling, warmth or sometimes a sensation of coolness. Reiki treatments vary, bringing about a different experience each time as the cumulative effect of Reiki allows the body’s health to improve. Many clients report a treatment to be a profoundly relaxing experience, resulting in a sense of inner peace.

​How Can Reiki Help Me?

  • Calm the mind and reduce stress

  • Alleviate insomnia and fatigue

  • Accelerate the natural healing process

  • Reduce side effects of medication

  • Support recovery after injuries or surgery

  • Balance the chakra system

  • Help manage symptoms of illness

  • Remove emotional ‘clutter’

  • Maintain general well-being

  • Relieve muscular aches and pains

  • Support through grief, anxiety or depression

  • Heal the physical body

How many treatments do I need?

You may benefit from a one-off Reiki treatment, which can bring a sense of peace and calm as well as physical improvements. However, the effects of Reiki are cumulative so the best results come through having a course of treatments, maybe 4-6 sessions at regular intervals. A personal treatment plan will be discussed.

Special Offer

10% discount when you buy a course of 5 treatments.

Office and hospital visits are available on an individual basis and will be charged at an additional $25.

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