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"Sharon Kelly is an exceptional person to go to for Reiki!  I had my 1st experience 3 months ago, not quite sure what to expect. She calmed my nerves with her calm energy & tranquil state. I’ve never fallen asleep in a massage & every time I visit Sharon I find myself snoring. :) After the session I felt lighter, energized & in an almost giddy state. Walking on cloud nine is the expression that comes to mind. If you are considering giving Reiki a try, I highly recommend Sharon for your experience. She is extremely knowledgeable and just a lovely person!"


"I can only describe the whole experience as an emotional massage! I walked out feeling lighter, brighter and as though a load had been lifted from me."


"While suffering from a period of insomnia a friend recommended I try a Reiki session with Sharon. Despite very little knowledge of Reiki, but a strong desire to find a natural solution to the problem, I was happy to give it a go. Immediately on meeting Sharon, who is calm, open and warm, I was completely at ease. She has created a lovely environment in her home for the practice where I felt very relaxed. The session was very powerful and I felt very positive that my issue was resolved which it was. Having experienced the healing power of Reiki I have been back for further sessions with Sharon that have all been equally beneficial. Sharon is a natural healer and I am happy to have found her and Reiki and seeing the benefits in my own life and others too."


"I have thought about trying Reiki in the past, but had never followed through with it till I met Sharon. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but she was really patient and explained what happens and what I might feel. It was amazing!! I can’t wait for my next visit with her!"


"I found Reiki 20 years ago but lost touch with it when moving to a different country. I was so happy to find Sharon so close here in Katy and rediscover Reiki once more. I find it helps with my energy, mindset and overall well being when facing the day to day routine of being a mum to two busy kids and a busy household. I have recommended Sharon to several friends, who have in turn had treatments and completely agree with me that Sharon is wonderful and having regular treatment from her a positive and supportive habit to have!"


"Reiki has turned things around for me. My life is better, I feel more relaxed and balanced (emotionally and healthwise) than I have in years. I can’t thank you enough, Sharon. x"


"Where do I start?! After just one session with Sharon, I have been amazed! From the minute she started the treatment I felt warmth and energy pulsing through my body and an overwhelming feeling of peace. On top of that, I had an amazing show of color going on behind my closed eyes. I will definitely be back for more!"


Sharon is amazing! She really helped me get out of my dark confusing place I was in. I have done countless sessions with her and would recommend her to anyone. I had some amazing magical moments with her, with every session I felt I had released so much stagnant, negative energy and felt lighter and centered everytime. She really takes her time to listen and help with any and every thing that no longer serves your highest good. You will leave feeling like you are on the right path, Sharon is truly an angel.


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